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I absolutely love taking ideas and making them come to fruition through execution, design and teamwork. I just can’t seem to get away from building or helping others build things. I have founded two non-profits, five startups, and advise others because I find it so fulfilling to brainstorm an idea and creatively turn it into something real. Especially when you are able to forge bonds with great people along the way.

If I’m not working on something I’m probably watching the latest documentary, eating in Little Tokyo, planning a trip, or educating myself on new skills.

Summary of Design Experience

I’ve been the lead product designer to overseeing up to 12 visual designers at my own agency. My experience includes crafting user research and user testing initiatives, that allow us to make data / user driven decisions, to building live pattern libraries that helped our engineering and product teams build products faster. I am capable of creating rough wires to high-fidelity mocks while also understanding the technical, business and product sides of the business. I also apprenticed with Jaime Levy and helped execute her case studies in the book, UX Strategy. I have worked with startups, agencies, and large corporations like Grindr, Minion Rush, Homecare Homebase, Honda, Daily & Associates, M&C Saatchi, The Glue and more.

Summary of Product Management Experience

I’ve worked with up to 15 engineers and 5 designers in agile and scrum methodologies to build B2B and B2C applications. This experience encompasses product strategy and roadmapping for mobile delivery apps to building complex micro-services pulling data from multiple sources to power real-time inference models. I also assisted in establishing bug ticketing protocols, implementing new staging environments and have scaled a product from $0 to $16M of annual revenue. I have also led a team that spearheaded the technical and operational integrations for two different acquisitions.

Summary of Development Experience

I use HTML and CSS on side projects and continue to learn javascript and sql in order to strengthen my abilities make better product design and product management decisions.

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UX Video Award

This was a really fun project I spearheaded.

Here is some stuff I wrote…

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Whenever I tell someone that I’m Head of User Experience for a tech startup they usually look at me completely confused. They don’t understand what it is that I really do and how I came about doing it.

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You might be thinking, “Aren’t we supposed to build things that delight users and help them reach their goals?” Sure, but that doesn’t mean you need to build exactly what they ask for.

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